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How the coronavirus has changed my life
 I know a lot about how the coronavirus has ruined the lives of a lot of people, especially for those who own businesses and for those who live in blue states and have lost their jobs. (yet some of these people still vote democrat, lol). i know a lot of people long for the wearing […]

 I know a lot about how the coronavirus has ruined the lives of a lot of people, especially for those who own businesses and for those who live in blue states and have lost their jobs. (yet some of these people still vote democrat, lol). i know a lot of people long for the wearing of masks to be over and for the vaccine to be readily available to anyone who wants it. (and we pray to God its never forced on anyone and especially not forced on people like me who have a form of autism). but it seems like those days will never come since the wrong guy won the election. But of course its very obvious he didnt win fair and square. But for all the people who suffered, for all those behind in their rent and in danger of being evicted if eviction restrictions were back to normal, and for all those without hardly a dime in their checking account, those of us who make their living playing poker actually came out of it pretty well. (that is, if we werent tied down to living in the wrong state without the freedom to relocate such as Ray or Vince.) having a cash savings no matter how little, means a lot when u suddenly have no income at all. and most poker players can find a hidden underground game somewhere if need be and its the only option. also far more people are trying to find a source of income that cannot be cut off because of the virus, so more people who dont know what theyre doing it seems are trying to win at poker, but since they are so uninformed as to how to play correctly, they follow a lot of very poor advice, such as to straddle at every opportunity. and to buy in deep, even if u are the worst player on the table. the only real way to buyin correctly is to martingale. for a long time now i havent wanted to enter a blue state, out of the fear it would either be closed for the most part without an open poker room (which u see on bravo live how over 50 percent of rooms in other states still are not open) or that as soon as i went there, Joe Biden would shut the place down. but now that hes been in office 2 weeks and nothing has happened, id like of like a vacation before the vaccine or a covid test becomes mandatory to fly domestically. the test is so physically painful id never want to take one. many times in the last 2 weeks i researched flights to reno, vegas, memphis, and fort smith arkansas. and every time, i never could bring myself to take the 50 minute long Uber ride to the airport because its a real pain in the ass and drivers in Houston drive horribly on the highway, and every time i feel i just escaped getting killed in an accident. plus when i wake up i always go to work instead and when i leave the poker room, im too tired to pack my stuff up and fly.plus i worry if i move out they wont find the place clean enough, wont like the condition of the sheets and bedding due to my allergies etc, and will either give me a bad rating on airbnb or ask for an extra cleaning fee, which id gladly pay over a poor rating. and im too scared to look on airbnb to see if this place is still available once it expires in less than 6 days. if not, i have plenty of money to get a new airbnb or hotel anywhere in the country however. but if i lose my good airbnb rating ill never have a way to rent apartments in the future. im tired of not being able to play vbj either. and i think i know of a place there might still be one worthwhile machine, and another place there might be a worthwhile promotion. but its so close now to check out i cant take the vacation i wanted to back in mid january right after Bidens inaguration because now i couldnt take my time returning. every time i went on a trip i was always going there to live, not to vacation and had i traveled say back on Jan 24, i couldve traveled on vacation instead of to live, and returned to houston on my birthday feb 10 before i had to move out. what i should be doing before anything happens to my roll is seeing a doctor ive not seen in 8 years or so before what happens to wec and mickey happens to me. but then again, i eat far healthier than most people. i quit pop and candy bars years ago and i do not touch weed or alcohol, or margerine butter or ranch dressing or mayonnaise or pizza. and most people eat junk nonstop because they cant resist ordering food at the poker table, i see others do this almost every day. and i buy frozen peaches in huge bags for $10 and sit them out to thaw and eat a little at a time. fruit is very good for u especially if u eat a ton of fresh strawberries alot. and i must also have a cleaning and 3 cavities fixed in my teeth soon. i was told this when i had the other tooth pulled and 1 more cavity filled when i spent the $1700. of course i have to wait til either vince or ray is here to do it. but the major difference between me as a poker player during the coronavirus and a person with a regular job is i increased my lifes savings about 300% during the virus, from a little over 10k to a little over 30k. i dont think it was because of the virus but because games are incredibly good here compared to other states and an extremely lucky VBJ run in deadwood, so much i got banned there, and a $5000 drawing in choctaw in oct having cash on hand helps ANYONE tremendously for unexpected medical expenses, any loss of a source of income, and it would be so great if massive deflation were to take place to where 32k would be worth more like 300k. imagine if everyone paying $100 a month for electricity $350 for food at home, and $1200 rent were to suddenly slash those bills by 90 percent, which is what massive deflation does, but it would need to be BIG, just like in the great depression magnified many times over. and of course the opposite, which is far more likely, is massive inflation (especially under the new socialist democratic administration which is in full power). that would soon make 32k unable to meet a months bills. especially if rental prices increased to $8000 a month for a ghetto room in someones home because of 80 million people suddenly relocating to texas and needing housing.it is not just me thats done far better than the average american during the virus but most poker players and people in red states. there is freedom here still in places like texas, florida and south dakota. just like whether i win or lose at poker, it only matters where u live (and which casino u play in). 
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